August 2019 Recap & Roadmap

Here's the monthly recap of what I accomplished in August and the roadmap for September. Twas a month focused on strengthening Proseful's foundation.


Some of the highlights from August 2019:

  • 🚢 Shipped markdown shortcuts for dividers: Last month I shipped dividers, which came with a toolbar button. Now you can simply type ***, --- or ___ (at the start of a line) to insert a divider.

  • 💪 Infrastructure improvements: Not something anyone will notice, but I put a lot of work into improving automatic provisioning and deployment of servers behind the scenes. If a server has problems and goes offline, another one will automatically spin up with the latest code.

  • 🤓 Code love: Along with infrastructure love, I'm always putting time into improving the codebase and fixing bugs.

  • 🎉 Reached 14 paying customers!

And some stats for the curious:

  • 🙋‍♀️ 449 total users (+24%): This is a new metric I'll be showing, and includes both free and paid users. I think it'll be interesting to show how the total user base is growing over time.

  • 💳 14 paying customers (+7.7%): This includes myself; I'm using Proseful for my personal blog. This was my slowest month for upgrades since launch. Hmm.

  • 💵 $98 MRR (+7.7%): 14 paying customers at $7/month.

  • 🚦 394 unique visitors (-24%): Visits continues to decline a little every month since launch.

If there's other metrics you're curious to see, let me know!


What I'll be working on in September:

  • Social media embeds: I'm starting work on embeds for major social platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and SoundCloud. I expect this to be a significant amount of work.

  • Editor improvements: This is an ongoing thing. I'll be looking into: improved code block editing, syntax highlighting, more markdown shortcuts, etc.

  • Annual payment option: I'm continuing to pick away at this. If you're interested in paying on an annual basis, I can hook you up behind the scenes; send me a note at

That's it for August. Stay tuned for the next update!

Featured photo by Zach Reiner.