June 2019 Recap & Roadmap

After working nonstop on Proseful for almost a year, I aimed for a more easy-going June! Here's the monthly recap, roadmap and some lessons learned!


Some of the highlights from June 2019:

  • 🚢 Shipped publish date picker: Now you can change the publish date and time of a published post. Handy if you made a mistake or are copy-pasting content into Proseful from another platform.

  • 🚢 Shipped general analytics: Now you can use any embeddable analytics service, such as Simple Analytics, not just Google Analytics.

  • 📡 Passwordless blog post: As part of my "create valuable content as marketing" strategy, I wrote a lengthy tutorial on how I implemented passwordless authentication for Proseful. Hopefully this will garner some good SEO love over time.

  • 🤓 Code love: Sometimes you need to take a step back from feature work and strengthen the foundation to prepare for more features. Lots of code improvements were made to help ensure Proseful runs smoothly.

  • 🎉 Doubled paying customers: The number of paying customers doubled from 4 to 8! It was only last month that Proseful welcomed its first paid users. I thought it would take a year or more to reach that milestone. Proseful is getting a new subscriber roughly every 1.5 weeks. So awesome.

And some stats for the curious:

  • 💳 8 paying customers (+100%): This includes myself; I'm using Proseful for my personal blog.

  • 💵 $56 MRR (+100%): 8 paying customers at $7/month.

  • 🚦 679 unique visitors (-592%): May had a huge spike in traffic due to the submissions on Hacker News and Product Hunt, so a large drop in traffic was expected. However, traffic is up 960% compared to April (64 uniques), which was Proseful's first full month.


What I'll be working on in July:

  • Editor improvements: A big reason why I built Proseful was the lack of great writing experiences on the web. I put a lot of time into making a great content editor (aided by the amazing ProseMirror framework). Now that I'm using Proseful to write on a consistent basis, I've noticed more areas for improvement. So I'd like to shift focus back to the editor. Some things I'll be looking into: improved code block editing, syntax highlighting, more markdown shortcuts and horizontal rules. I won't be able to tackle all of these in June, so expect these to appear over the coming months.

  • Annual payment option: I'll be looking into the ability to pay for a Proseful subscription on an annual basis. Besides changes to subscription business logic, this will require some design updates as well. As part of this, I'll likely squeeze in an improved free-vs-pro comparison table on the main website.

Lessons learned

  • It's ok to take some downtime and recharge the batteries.

Anyway, that's it for June. Stay tuned for the next update!

Featured photo by Ethan Robertson.