September 2019 Recap & Roadmap

The past month was all about embeds. Here's the monthly recap of what I accomplished in September and the roadmap for October.


Some of the highlights from September 2019:

  • πŸ›  Significant progress on embeds: Started work on supporting embeds for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud and many more. I expected this to be a significant amount of work, and it was. Other than minor UI/code improvements and handling some customer support, this consumed all of my time. However, I'm very close to shipping it!

  • πŸŽ‰ Reached 15 paying customers!

  • πŸŽ‰ Reached $100 MRR!

And some stats for the curious:

  • πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ 557 total users (+24.1%)

  • πŸ’³ 15 paying customers (+7.1%): This includes myself; I'm using Proseful for my personal blog.

  • πŸ’΅ $105 MRR (+7.1%): 15 paying customers at $7/month.

  • 🚦 279 unique visitors (-29.2%): Visits continues to decline a little every month since launch.

If there's other metrics you're curious to see, let me know!


What I'll be working on in October:

  • Embeds: I'll be shipping embeds soon!

  • Design customization: I'm beginning to think about how to give people more/full control over the look and feel of their blog. This would be a major update to Proseful… likely considered a version 2. This will probably mean a lot of thinking, experimentation and work behind the scenes with not a lot to show for the next few months.

For design customization, here's a few directions I'm thinking of:

  • Theme building system: This would give you full control over the HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. However, this isn't really a friendly option for the average blogger.

  • Pre-designed themes with customizable options: This would be user friendly and allow someone to put personal touches on the design. However, the amount of personalization would be limited.

  • Drag-and-drop theme builder: Thinking of something like Carrd or a simplified version of Webflow. This would allow complete customization with a friendly UX. However, it would probably be quite complex to build, although a fun project.

That's it for September. Stay tuned for the next update!

Featured photo by Katie Moum.