October 2019 Recap & Roadmap

Here's the monthly recap of what I accomplished in October and the roadmap for November. It was a month of embeds and UI improvements.


Some of the highlights from October 2019:

  • 🚢 Shipped embeds: After working on embeds for most of September, I was able to finish things up early in October. Embeds were a lot of work, so I'm glad to have that done. You can read more about embeds in the announcement post.

  • 🤔 Thinking about design customization: As noted in last month's update, I've started thinking about how to give people more control over the look and feel of their blog. Mostly spent some time mulling this over. Before I start on this massive project, I'd like to do some UI/UX improvements...

  • 🛠 Working on admin UI/UX improvements: The Proseful admin UI is custom designed and built. Going forward, I'd like to move to an open source library to make development of new components/features easier. I'm working on converting the admin over to follow the Material design system, using the awesome Material-UI component library. By tweaking the styling of these components, I'll be able to keep Proseful's own minimal look and feel.

And some stats for the curious:

  • 🙋‍♀️ 640 total users (+14.9%)

  • 💳 14 paying customers (-6.7%): This includes myself; I'm using Proseful for my personal blog.

  • 💵 $98 MRR (-6.7%): 14 paying customers at $7/month.

  • 🚦 319 unique visitors (+14.3%)

If there's other metrics you're curious to see, let me know!


What I'll be working on in November:

  • Admin UI/UX improvements: I'll continue to work on switching the admin over to the Material system.

  • Design customization: Will still be thinking about the best way forward for this.

That's it for October. Stay tuned for the next update!

Featured photo by Bernd Schulz.